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To be Distinct in providing the market with high quality, competitively priced generic Veterinary pharmaceutical products and services. By working with innovative and highly skilled workforces, whose development we are committed to, are vital to the achievement of our vision


Continue our hard work to develop new effective products . Ensure better and healthier world by providing the best quality of veterinary products to different kind of animals


Avico creates value by responsibly producing veterinary products to meeting the world’s highest health standards In doing so, we act responsibly toward our busi¬ness partners, taking care of people work for us

Research and Development (R&D)

Though AVICO is an industrial company, research and development Services is an essential component of our team’s activities, investing and contributing their skills in the development of saving and improving countless lives, thanks to our world-class researchers, state-of-the-art technologies and unrelenting focus on scientific excellence, AVICO is at the forefront of discovering and developing new ways to treat and prevent disease.  





Our Products Range

  • Poultry Health Care
    AVICO is considered as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Poultry health Products in the region .
  • Farm Animal Healthcare
    AVICO is proud of producing a distinctive set of treatments that covers various kinds of diseases suffered by farm animals.
  • Equine Healthcare
    AVICO takes great attention for Equine healthcare which includes many veterinary services and treatments intended to keep horses strong and healthy.
  • Pets Healthcare
    AVICO has special preparations for Pet animals .These products are periodically reviewed .


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News & Events 

  • AVICO  at VIV ASIA 2015
  • AVICO at VIV Russia 2015
  • AVICO at International Pharmaceuticals Conference 
  • AVICO  supported  the awareness campaign about "The Dangers of The Death of of the small lambs"


Contact Us

Factory / Administration :
Naour - Amman
Tel: +962 6 5727176
Fax: 962 6 5727668
P.O. Box: 150906 Amman -11115- Jordan 


Our Technology Systems

Department of Technology systems is one of the main dept where its duties include building network management and technical support services, 

Our Technical Engineers

Our Technical engineers are well trained and experienced in the design, construction, and operation facilities of all production lines Labs and other manufacturing plant units . 

Our Production Facilities

Production Department adopts the principles of good manufacturing all operations are properly and clearly defined procedures are validated of all vital practice to ensure consistency and compliance with specifications any changes in operation are reassessed. 

Certificates & appreciation letters

The Jordanian Hashemite Fund For Human Development
Amman - Jordan
Cairo university - Fayoum
Cairo - Egypt
Arab Vet Union
Cairo - Egypt
The Jordanian Hashemite Fund For Human Development
Republic of Iraq
Good Manufacturing Practice
Good Manufacturing Practices   TQCSI   GMP Certified
TRB International GMP
Good Manufacturing Practices   TQCSI   GMP Certified
TRB International ISO-9001: 2008
Good Manufacturing Practices   TQCSI   ISO Certified
Al Balqa applied university
Amman Jordan
Ministry of Agriculture - Jordan
National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension

The Jordanian Hashemite Fund For Human Development

Amman - Jordan