Water Soluble Powder

Composition: Each 1 g. contains:
Oxytetracycline HCl 200 mg.
Oxytetracycline is a wide spectrum antibiotic which is used for local and systemic infections.
Oxytetracycline has a bacteriostatic action against a large number of Gram-positive and Gram-negative, microorganisms. Rickettsiae, Mycoplasma, chlamydia, Actinomyces and some protozoa.
The bacteriostatic effect is based on the inhibition of the synthesis of bacterial protein. Oxytetracycline penetrates very rapidly into the blood & tissues with high concentrations and relatively a high percentage of oxytetracyline is bound to serum proteins, therapeutic levels remain in the body for long times.
Oxytetracycline 20% is a broad spectrum antibiotic effective in controlling various bacterial (both G-positive and G-negative), Chlamydia, and mycoplasmal infections. It belongs to the family of Tetracyclines. In Poultry Oxytetracycline 20% is indicated for infectious synovitis caused by Mycoplasma synoviae, chronic respiratory disease (CRD) and air sac infection caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Escherichia coli, and fowl cholera caused by Pasteurella multocida. In turkeys Oxytetracycline 20% is effective in controlling of hexamitiasis caused by Hexamita meleagridis. In growing turkeys-control of complicating bacterial organisms associated with bluecomb (transmissible enteritis, coronaviral enteritis).
Oxytetracycline 20% is very effective in control and treatment of bacterial enteritis in both calves and lambs, caused by Escherichia coli and bacterial pneumonia (shipping fever complex) caused by Pasteurella multocida. Also for lambs against bacterial pneumonia caused by Pasteurella multocida.
Dosage and administration:
Dose of Oxytetracycline 20% should be calculated to deliver Oxytetracycline as the following;
Poultry: 1 g Oxytetracycline per 1 liter of drinking water for 5-7 days.
Calves & Lambs: 10-20 g per 50 kg body weight of drinking water for 3-5 days.
(Equivalent to 50-100 mg Oxytetracycline per 1 kg b.wt.).
Withdrawal period:
Meat: Poultry: 7 days.
Calves, lambs & kids: 10 days
Do not administer to adult ruminants.
This product is not to be used parenterally, only oral administration.
Wash hands after use.
Keep out of the reach of children
Store in a dark place at a temperature below 30 º C.
100, 500 g and 1kg aluminum foil bag.