Liquid For Oral Use

Composition: Each 1 litre contanis:
Vitamin E - Acetate.
The activity of the preparation Vitamin E - Selenium is shared by the Vitamin E - Acetate and the Selenium compound. Vitamin E - Selenium is necessary for growth and proper hormone function of muscles and nervous system. The main function of Vitamin E - Selenium is to regulate the oxidation processes of the body. this antioxidant action links its phsiological effect with Vitamin A metabolism. It is, also, connected with many enzmatic funtion. Selenuim can have a Vitamin E - Selenium sparing action so that, under certain circumstances, the shortage of Vitamin E - Selenium in the diet can offset by the provision of Selennuim compounds.
Vitamin E - Selenium indicated, mainly for the prevention and treatment of symptomoms associated with.
Vitamin E- Selenium deficiency such as Encephalomalacis, crazy chick Disease, Muscular dystrophy, exudative diathesis, low egg production, poor hatchability, infertility reproductive failure and lowered Vit. A metabolism in Poultry and Other animals.
Dosage and Administration:
Treatment: 1 g per 1 liter of drinking water for 7-10 days.
Other animals: 2-4 mg (I.U.) per kg body weight daily for 5-7days.
Contra-indications and Warnings:
Excessive intake of Selenium by layers results in egg residues, In breeder flocks this residue produces reduction in the hatchability . However this effect disappears within few days when selenium intake is stopped.
Vitamin E - Selenuim is contra indicated when selenium is added to the feed as premix.
Store at a temperature below 30°C.
100 ml and 1 liter bottles.

For Veterinary Use Only