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Composition :Each 1 ml contains :

Methyl silicon 25 mg
 Turpentine oil 0.3 mg
 Anise oil 0.01 ml

Methyl silicon is an organic compound of silicon, with a basic structure of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms. Methyl group attach to silicon atoms which form methyl silicon compound.
Turpentine oil is the most important volatile oil in the veterinary medicine; it is obtained by distillation and rectification from turpentine, an oleoresin obtained from various species of pinus (Pinaceae). Its irritant properties make a demulcent vehicle essential for oral administration.
It is one of the antizymotics which prevent or decrease fermentation.
Anise oil is obtained by distillation from the dried fruits of star anise or from anise, the dried fruits of Pimpinella anisum.
Anise oil is a carminative, mild expectorant and as flavor.
Our product Bloat Zal is used for the treatment of tympany (bloat) which is one of the most important troubles in ruminants, it occurs in cows, goats and sheep. Bloat Zal is used also for the prevention of feed fermentation in rumen and colon in farm animals due to the presence of these active ingredients: Methyl silicon, turpentine oil and anise oil.
Bloat Zal is an effective antitympany, carminative, laxative and demulcent drug.
Dosage and administration:
It is not toxic, may be repeated as indicated, and may be given by drench or by stomach tube or by injection directly into the rumen.
Cattle: Inject 50-100 ml directly into the rumen or give it with half ½ liter of vegetable oil or water as drench. (Dosage may be doubled in sever cases, or for large cattle).
Sheep and goats: Inject 15-25 ml into the rumen or give it with 250 ml of vegetable oil or water as drench.

Note: The bottle must be shaken well before use. And the dosage should be mixed with vegetable oil or water only.

Withdrawal period:
Meat: 4 days.
Milk: Consumption of milk must be stopped until it is free of turpentine oil odor.
Bloat Zal should not be given in cases of organo-phosphorus compounds poisoning.
Store in a dark place at temperature below 30 º C.
100 ml plastic bottles.