Water soluble powder for oral administration

Composition:Each 12 grams contains:
Neomycin (as Neomycin sulphate) 400 mg
Sulphaguanidine 4000 mg
Kaolin 4000 mg
Pectin 400 mg
Bismuth Subnitrate 2000 mg
Vitamin A 80 000 I.U.
DIACLEAN preparation is a combination of the broad spectrum Neomycin Sulphate with the antiprotozoal Sulphaguanidine. The components Kaolin, Pectin and Bismuth Subnitrate act as demulcents, soothing and coating the mucous membrane of the gut and enable the body to build up the infected tissue, particularly, in the presence of Vitamin A.
DIACLEAN is indicated in the treatment of bacterial diarrhea, enteritis and coccidiosis in calves, lambs, kids and large animals. It is also useful in the relief of poisoning cases.
Dosage and administration:
Lambs, Kids & Small Calves: 1 sachet (12 g) in drinking water, twice daily for 3-5 days.
Large animals: 4 sachets (48 g) via drinking water or mixed with daily feed for 3-5 days.
Contra-indications and warnings:
DIACLEAN is only suitable for oral administration and should not be used for adult ruminants.
Withdrawal Period:
Meat: 7 days.
Store in a dark place at a temperature below 30C.
Carton box of 6 Sachets of 12 g each.