Avinazene Powder for Inj.

Compostion: 20  ml vial contains :
Diminazene Aceturate 1.05 g
Each 100 ml vial contains:
Diminazene Aceturate 6.30 g
Properties :
Diminazene aceturate the active ingredient of AVINAZENE is chemotherapeutic agent possesses a marked trypanocidal and babesicidal activity.
It has also a bactericidal activity mainly against Brucella and streptococcus specie .
Diminazene aceturate passes through the blood brain barrier into the cerebrospinal fluid. 

AVINAZENE is the drug of choice for treatment of trypanosomiasis and piroplasmosis affecting different animal species.
As a trypanocidal agent, diminazene is effective against Trypanosoma congolense, T.vivax and T. brucei. It is highly effective against different babesia species such as, B. bigemina, B. bovis, B. ovis, B. motasi, B. equi and B. canis.
AVINAZENE is so recommended for treatment of mixed infections of tryponosoma and babesia especially those resist to other drugs.
Dosage and administration:

  • For subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, it’s advisable to inject at two separate sites if the injection volume is more than 10 ml.
  • Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Horses, Camels & Dogs:
  • 1 ml per 20 kg Body weight (Equivalent to 3.5 mg/kg b. wt.) is recommended as general dose for treatment of trypanosomas and piroplasmosis, but the dosage rate should be increased 7.0 mg/kg body weight in cases of Trypanosoma brucei as well as to resistant cases.
  • Disappearance of symptoms may be expected within 24 hours.

Preparation of solution:The content of AVINAZENE bottle is dissolved in 12.5 ml of water. The concentration of the final solution is 7% (w/v).
The prepared solution should be used within 5 days if stored at room temperature or for 14 days if stored in refrigerator, and the solution should be protected from light.
Withdrawal period:
Meat: 21 days.
Milk: 21 days.
Store at a temperature below 25 C.
Sachet contains 1.05 g active ingredient.
20ml. amber glass bottles of 1.05 g active ingredient.
100ml. amber glass bottles of 6.3 g active ingredient.