Oral suspension

Composition: Each 1 ml contains :
Rafoxanide 25 mg.
Properties :
Rafoxanide is a fasciolicide drug, which has a potent activity against adult liver flukes as Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica. It also has respectable efficacy against immature fluke. Rafoxanide is also active against blood sucking nematodes such as Haemonchus spp., Bunostomum spp.and tissue invading fly.
Rafoxanide act by uncoupling or disconnect the mitochondrial reaction involved in electron-transport - associated events from ATP generation. This uncoupling is lethal to Fasciola spp. and other blood sucking helminthes
AVINIDE suspension is recommended for the treatment of liver fluke infestations (Fasioliasis) in cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats; it is specifically effective against the immature stages. It is also recommended for the control of the blood sucking nematodes: Bunostomum phlebotomum, adult Oesophagostomum radiatum, and fourth stage O. radiatum, Gaigeria spp. and Haemoncus spp. in various ruminants, it is effective also in eliminating larval stages of the nasal bot flies in sheep Oestrus ovis and other bot flies in goat, and cattle (Hypoderma bovis, H. lineatum).
Dosage and administration:
Use AVINIDE suspension diluting or mixing with any other products. Administer by mouth as drench.
Cattle, sheep & goats: The usual single dose is 3-5 ml per 10 kg body weight the dose can be repeated 4-6 weeks later depending on the grade of pasture contamination or as prescribed by the veterinarian.
Contra indications & warning:
Avoid contact with eyes and wash hands after application.
Withdrawal period:
Meat: 28 days.
Milk: 28 days.
Store in a dark place at a temperature below 30C.
100, 500 ml and 1 liter plastic bottles.