Composition : Each 1 ml contains :
Levamisole HCL 100 mg. (a.i.)
AVISOLE Is effective against the parasitic round worms which are resistant to benzimidazoles.
Levamisole hydrochloride which is the active ingredient of AVISOLE has a paralyzing action on the gastro-intestinal and lungs nematodes and most of them are expelled within one hour.
AVISOLE can reach its peak blood level within one hour after the injection and is eliminated mainly through the faeces & urine.
Avisole is highly potent at low dosage within minimum side-effect and abroad safety margin. It is well tolerated by all animals species & poultry.
AVISOLE promotes maturation of the precurrsor T-cells into fully functioning lymphocytes. It has a great benefits for the immunologically stressed animals and birds. It has the capacity to enhance both humoral and cellular immunity as well as immune response.
Avisole has no undesirable effect on the production of eggs, its fertility and its hatchability.
AVISOLE is the most powerful Antinematodal drug effective for all species of animals and poultry. It is recommended effectively for both larval and adult stages of nematodes in the gastro-intestinal tract and lungs.
Dosage and administration:
Single dose by subcutaneous injection into the neck muscles.
Cattle, sheep and goat: 3 ml/ 40 kg body weight
(Equivalent to 7.5 mg/kg body weight)
As immune stimulant administer half of the above dose.
Poultry :
0.2-0.3 ml Avisole per 1 kg once by subcutaneous injection.
Withdrawal period:
Meat: cattle: 28 days
Sheep: 15 days
Milk: Not to be used in dairy cattle.
Store in a dark place at a temperature below 30 C.
100 and 50 ml amber injection glass bottles.