Water Soluble Powder for Oral Administration

Composition: Each pack 101 gm. contains:
Magnesium Carbonate 90 g.
Sodium Carbonate 10 g.
Nux Vomica 1 g.
Our product LAXAVET is used to neutralize the acidity of the stomach or rumen which occur in acute carbohydrate engorgement of rumen (rumen over load) and used as laxative in case of tympany and constipation due to the presence of magnesium carbonate, sodium carbonate and nux vomica as active ingredients.
LAXAVET is a suitable and safety drug used for large animals as antiacid, laxative, carminative, rumen stimulant and detoxicant.
LAXAVET is indicated for the treatment of cases of indigestion in animals, e.g. Acidosis, tympanitis constipation and abdominal poisoning caused by overfeeding. It is recommended, as well as, appetizer, rumenal tonic and detoxicant.
Dosage and administration:
Large animals (Cows, horses, camels and buffaloes):
Dissolve contents of one pack (101 gm) in one liter of drinking water and give as drench. The required dose is given as drench and repeated when necessary.
Small animals: (Calves, sheep, goats):
Dissolve (40 gm) of LAXAVET in 500 ml of drinking water and give as drench.
Withdrawal period:
Meat & milk: Zero days.
Warning: Lavavet should not be given in cases of strychnine poisoning.
Store in a dark place at temperature below 30 º C.
101 g aluminum foil bag.