Marketing department works in the company within an integrated system and collaborating internally and externally ,where our policy depends on working closely with our customers, and to identify the customer feedback about products and seeking always to find appropriate solutions to market needs   and find most suitable  medication  to livestock  in the region .
Marketing Dept main develop a plan to set goals and develop a vision of marketing to reach those goals.
Implementation and follow-up results are  part of our re-evaluation process 
AVICO is presented   in the international exhibitions  such as  our participation in a series of specialized exhibitions  like VIV Asia VIVA Russia 
Marketing Dept is mainly involved in  the scientific seminars  promotional activities and marketing meetings  plus  field visits regular visits to our agents 
The Experienced Marketing team  is very  close to our  international agents to maintain prices, quality  of our products  and help solving any  marketing difficulties and promoting our products