In AVICO we maintain a comprehensive Quality Assurance process at every stage of development, manufacture, packing and distribution ensures that products meet all standards made for it, Stringent QC system and procedures assure the compliance with quality assurance.
We are carefully and constantly concerned to keep monitoring and assuring quality of our raw materials also, which means the activities of our quality control programs are covering all stages of manufacturing from the time materials enters the company, through they are being processed in the manufacturing facility and finally to the time the finished products are to be shipped to customers or markets.
All Avico’s products are placed under the constant supervision of the quality control laboratories, where it receives approval and are inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health.
Our company has a well-equipped laboratory that ensures the aforementioned universal quality standards, and maintains Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).
Clear standard operating procedures are implemented with the objectives of producing products conforming to the marketing authorization and of the requisite quality grade.
Quality is also assured by regular visits by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) audit team selected from various departments, and improvements are made in the systems, processes and facilities based on the results of the GMP audit. Quality inspectors also conducts planned as well as random checks on each and every department within the production area.
Our company is committed to the quality of its products, to the products it markets and the quality of the service it gives to its clients.
Avico has placed Excellency as its foremost value in organization, and it has defined its aspiration to attain the highest international standard as its strategic goal.