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For us, it’s a prime concern to focus on the development and improvement of technology for diagnosis of animal disease, control of animal diseases, prevention of foreign animal diseases, safety of animal products, and management of veterinary pharmaceutics in order to enhance animal productivity and ensure public health.
Working for bio-availability and bio-equivalence tests on new products is in the core of Avico’s activities, but such research is actually not only done at our facilities, but there is also an intensive cooperation with other research organizations and medical institutions to support studies that can benefit our performance and improve our qualitative productivity.
Our research and development center (R&D) in fact plays an active role in solving many problems related to livestock and poultry breeding in Jordan and the region through its divisions, and by conducting several studies that achieved results contributed in the development of Avico's products In particular, and veterinary products in general.
Veterinary research and development activities are actually Avico’s long-term investment, and we are currently involved in several research programs that are designed to play an integral part in evaluating the safety and efficacy of new products or treatments for combat diseases.
AVICO’s R&D well - equipped labs performs formulation research, stability studies and analytical method developments which are published in different scientific periodicals and journals.
It has also succeeded in filling a number of patents, and is constantly providing AVICO with technical support and up to date know-how.
In R&D we realize the fact that the orientation of Research and Development is strongly market-driven.
The main objective of Research and Development department in Avico is its relationship with production, whether this is expressed through the delivery of products and outcomes of research projects, and proposals for commercial exploitation, or the transfer of know-how to the productive units of the Company and its subsidiaries. The overall objectives of AVICO’s Research and Development activities are the following:

  • Applied research for the development and introduction of services and new products or activities.
  • Development and adaptation of integrated Types of products.
  • Innovation management transfer of know-how within the company.
  • Veterinary market awareness and familiarization with innovative products and issues that may occur, the provision of products to new markets is encouraged under the framework of research projects.

R&D participates constantly in national and international forums related to veterinary field, as well as thematic focused-groups and workshops related to our business, where research results are presented.



Though AVICO is an industrial company, research and development Services is an essential component of our team’s activities, investing and contributing their skills in the development of saving and improving countless lives, thanks to our world-class researchers, state-of-the-art technologies and unrelenting focus on scientific excellence, AVICO is at the forefront of discovering and developing new ways to treat and prevent disease.

R&D Pipeline

Projects under pipeline
The department is finalizing a scheme for setting up of Good laboratory Practices(GLP) compliant Chemical and Biological laboratories
The objective is to provide high quality common testing facilities to be used by the in drug development and quality testing at manufacturing stage.
The Department is heavy involved in developing a new advanced list of veterinary drugs in order to widen our disease treatment coverage