How to become our partner

What kind of partner AVICO  is  looking for ? 
Avico  seeks  partners  with  the following qualifications and experience:
Good experience  in  marketing  
The knowledge of the market and its requirements is essential to success and therefore this experience enables us all to know the requirements of the market and provide the required products in  a good  form and  suitable prices
Ability to register veterinary medicines
The registration of medicines is a very important process and the company provides the technical files and samples required for registration as well as we can Provide  all documents for product registration, we need to know what documentation you will need for your government. Avico requires that their partner is able to describe clearly and fully what will be required for registration so that we can prepare and ensure a quick and successful registration.
Ability to import
You must be a company with a valid import license and the ability to import products from our company. Avico is not looking for partners who simply want to market our products, we need partners who want to buy and import our products to sell.
Minimal Order Quantities and Capital
The company aims to provide the products in suitable quantities commensurate with the size of the market and at moderate prices. Based on this, we cooperate with customers to determine the minimum quantities required to buy, which enables the client to sell these products appropriately and profitable basis  
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