Mission Vision Values

To be Distinct in providing the market with high quality, competitively priced generic Veterinary pharmaceutical products and services. By working with innovative and highly skilled workforces, whose development we are committed to, are vital to the achievement of our vision.
Continue our hard work to develop new effective products . Ensure better and healthier world by providing the best quality of veterinary products to different kind of animals.
AVICO creates value by responsibly producing veterinary products to meeting the world’s highest health standards In doing so, we act responsibly toward our busi¬ness partners, taking care of people work for us , and also by specific activities done by our company staff to improve the Awareness and knowledge among clients and distributors in the region of our operation.
Our core values which we are committed to:
1. Quality : a comprehensive Quality Assurance process at every stage of development 2. Honesty : Create a Culture of Honesty
2. Continuous Development : development is not a slogan but a way of life
3. Safety and accuracy : Appointed monitor adherence to the instructions of safety and security to ensure positive results
4.Inspiration : No limits for dreams and motivation
5.Strong relationships : Human capital is the strongest asset for our company , Avico Always seeking to maintain social relationships among its employees