AVICO is proud of producing a distinctive set of treatments that covers various kinds of diseases suffered by farm animals.
all these treatments have been tested and used in different countries and field results were impressive.
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AVICO takes great attention for Equine healthcare which includes many veterinary services and treatments intended to keep horses strong and healthy.
We try to keep our products for Equine Healthcare in its most quality and also we try to widen our range of products to cover all aspects in this field.


AVICO is considered as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Poultry Health Products in the region.
Our products for poultry are very effective and plays a great role in poultry growth improvement by decreasing and preventing as well as protect them from diseases and other infections.
Our comprehensive product range includes Antibiotics, Anticoccidials, Anthelmintic, Antibiotics & Chemotherapeutics Plus Vitamins, antifungals & mycotoxin binders and others,


We at AVICO have special preparations for Pet animals.
These products are periodically reviewed.
Also such products are usually updated by our technical at R&D departments, New products are added to our list every other time so we can follow expansion of this growing field in our region.

Disinfectants and sanitizer

Disinfectants and sanitizer

Business Opportunities

To benefit from our long experiences in the field of manufacturing veterinary pharmaceuticals, we are pride to offer our long scientific and technical capabilities already available to interested investors. We can provide administrative, technical and specialized services, according to good manufacturing practice GMP regulations for newly established or for the development of pharmaceutical factories.
Our services include: Technical Formulation, Analysis development methods, Manufacturing process, offer multiple solutions to technical problemsWe are ready for going into bilateral partnerships or providing services or technology transfer agreement as may be agreed upon.
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Marketing Department acts in the company within an integrated system and cooperation at both internal and external levels, as our business policy greatly depends on our clients, as well as on learning client opinions about the products.
It always strives to find suitable solutions to market needs, and to separately look for most suitable drugs and medications for each market based on the health condition and issues that the animal resources sector undergoes.
Marketing Department develops a plan on annual basis to define the goals and design a marketing vision to achieve those goals.

Implementation and follow up results are part of the reevaluation process as adopted by the senior management.
Pricing Strategy:
The company adopts the strategy of providing quality products at affordable prices, with an attempt to adopt a pricing level closer to that of the competitors, allowing us to develop sales while retaining our clients and having the consumer procure a quality product at an affordance price.
International Fairs:
The company is keen to be present at and participate in specialized international fairs worldwide.
The company participates in a series of specialized fairs such as VIV Asia.
Global Markets:
Marketing Department mainly contributes to scientific seminars, promotional activities and meetings, in addition to field visit, and provides direct support and communications with agents in various countries.

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Ethical responsibility toward the community in which we operate is observed through supporting charitable institutions, raising awareness in the field of animal health, and proper treatment of animal in order to increase production and maintain animal resource in good conditions that lead to improving the individual income at personal level and the community as a whole. AVICO has positive interaction with local community institutions such as universities, chambers of industry and trade unions.
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Become a Distributor

How to become an AVICO agent:
Although products of the company are available in many countries, the company has marketing opportunities in several countries, therefore, the company welcomes new agents with the following qualifications and expertise:
Ability to import:
The company must have a valid importation license and ability to import products from our company.
We simply look for partners who desire to earnestly market our products and have the ability to carry out the necessary marketing activities and events to introduce the products of the company.
Annual Sales Target:
To be later determined in coordination with the management of the company.
Registration Experience:
Despite that AVICO can provide all documents for registration of products, we need to know the documents required by local official authorities in your country in order to provide all required documents for registration the matter that contributes to ensuring professional and swift registration of products without obstacles. 
Experience in Marketing Veterinary Drugs:
Field experience in marketing is highly important to know the types on demand at the market that can compete, as well as to properly represent AVICO ensuring a suitable marketing share in the market.
Minimum Orders:
Unlike major veterinary company that impose high prices on their trademarks, AVICO manufactures all products at high quality and provides newly manufactured products to clients according to this needs, where there is a minimum limit for types on which an understanding can be reached with the Marketing Department.

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Production Facilities

Production Facilities:
  • General Liquid Lines:
    • Liquids
    • Suspensions
    • Emulsions
  • Sterilizer Lines:
  • Sterilizing liquid line.
  • Sterilizing powder lines.
  • Powder Lines:
  • Packed powder line.
  • Powder lines in bags.
Production Department adopt good manufacturing practice principles:
  • All operations are correctly and clearly defined.
  • Validity of procedures for all vital practices are verified to ensure consistency and conformity with specifications.
  • Manufacturing systems and procedures are periodically reviewed for quality assurance.
  • Work is done through procedures written in a clear and unambiguous language.
  • Operators and other workers undergo ongoing training.
  • Procedures are documents manually and using automated systems during manufacturing to ensure that all necessary steps have been identified and procedures and instructions are taken in real time, and that the quantity and quality of the produced drug is as expected.
Information on Production Facilities:
  • Area of the factory covers 1800 square meter surface.
  • Manpower consists of 90 personnel.
  • Production capacity currently exceeds 10 million unit a year.
Liquid lines of all forms:
  • Equipped with state of the art machines custom- made to meet the meet strict GMP criteria to ensure high quality conformity of the product.
  • The line is supervised by highly trained personnel who apply strict standard operation procedures.
  • Sterilizer Lines:
          High level, and closed sterile area system aiming at producing pharmaceutical products of both injections and medicines.
          Strict sterilization system is applied at all production phases making it one of the kind in the region.
  • Powder Lines:
          Multiple modern production lines for production of powder of various shapes and weights in a controlled environment that ensure the application of the International Quality System.
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Engineering Dept.

The company has technical engineers with expertise in the field of corporate facility design and management, operation of all production lines, and maintenance of laboratories and other operational units of the factory.
The maintenance team also participates in implementing special systems to maintain GMP in all facilities, and is further responsible for validating the standardization procedures and preventive maintenance procedures.
Environmental issues and product safety represent a top priority and key part of the job description of all members of the engineering department.
The Engineering Departments strives to obtain newly developed matters in order to update information on pharmaceutical product industry and update the regulations and instructions on good manufacturing through scientific lectures, and visiting world specialized fairs.
Engineers of the department are always ready to provide support to  other departments and to safeguard facilities as a whole.
Management of the company completely support the Engineering Department as well as its distinctive activities.

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Certificates , Appreciation & Accreditation